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© 2018 by Tari Faris

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What if a woman who’s all about the plan and making goals falls in love with man who no longer believes his life has a purpose? A novice life coach needs to cement her reputation with one great success story. When a wounded ex-Army officer walks in looking for a job, she decides to work with him—a win-win for them both.


If Caroline Williams had her way, she’d help everyone in town find their purpose in life—unfortunately few people have wanted her help. But she refuses to give up, and her new status as a certified life coach should provide her with needed credibility. All she needs is her first client. When Grant Quinn walks in looking for a job, Caroline knows he needs more than that—he needs a new plan for his life. But when Grant refuses to be honest about his dreams and his struggles, Caroline’s business might come crashing down before it starts.


Wounded former Special Forces Gran Quinn understood the cost when he enlisted and served his country with pride. His scars on his face are reminders of what he lost, but he is moving on—now if only he can convince his family that he’s fine. When Caroline steps back into his life and offers to help find him a job in exchange for being her Guinea pig in her new life coaching business, he agrees. After all, what better way to show his family he’s okay than with a new, stable job? But when the anxiety he’s been running from ruins his one interview, his plans come crashing down. Can he trust Caroline enough to be honest about everything?

P.S. Goodbye