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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Round-Robin: While It Was Snowing

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Merry Christmas! Welcome to the next blog in this Christmas Round-Robin!

Here's how it works: At each author’s blog post, you will find a question that can be answered by checking out the free Amazon preview of their book. Provide the answer at [link to entry form]. Note: You must answer the questions for every author in the round -robin to be considered to win the $350 first place, $250 second place or $150 third place Amazon gift cards.[Note: these prizes are USD values. If you are not a U.S. resident, you will get a gift card from the Amazon store for your country; however, it will be valued at these USD amounts.) At the end of my post is a link to the next blog, who will provide a link to the next blog, etc., to the very end.

While it Was Snowing is the first Christmas novella I have ever written and it was so much fun! It follows the romance of a Character you met in Until I Met You and it is the forth book in the Restoring Heritage series but it can be read without having read the other books in the series. However if you have, you will recognize a few faces and everyone's favorite Otis is back.

Return to Heritage with this heart warming Christmas novella.

Had Danielle known that delivering a message would land her holding a bouquet of red roses and wearing the first dress of her life, she would not have volunteered.

To everyone at the garage, Danielle Fair just Dan, one of the guys, and that’s fine by her…after all, without sisters or a mother, Danielle is lost when it comes to girly stuff. However, when she is forced to embrace her inner girly girl at Nate and Olivia’s winter wedding, her makeover wakes up the attention of the one man she has secretly loved for some time—her best friend, Gideon Mathews.

There were always two things Gideon Mathews could count on: his beloved Detroit Lions not making it to the playoffs and Dan Fair being his best friend. But when Dan—no, Danielle—shows up to his sister’s wedding dressed as, of all things, a girl—no, a very beautiful, breathtaking, heart-stopping girl—he isn’t sure what to do. Did he lose his chance with Danielle by missing what had been in front of him for so long? Or can he convince her to be his by Christmas?

It’s Miss Congeniality goes to a winter wedding in a Christmas Cinderella tale. From snowed-in to snowball fights, Christmas trees to Christmas dances, this story has everything you need for a perfect holiday read.

Writing this novella definitely made me anxious for Christmas and I think it will be a favorite of my books for a long time.

Time for the scavenger hunt! Go to the book on Amazon at this link. Click the LOOK INSIDE option on Amazon

What shoes are the bridesmaids all wearing in the opening scene? 

When you have the answer, fill out this form and head on to the next blog!

Thank you so much for visiting! The next author on the tour is Pam Hillman, who is telling us all about her Christmas book Destination Christmas. You can find it AT THIS LINK. Remember that you must answer every question from all 36 authors in this collection and that the round-robin will end on December 13th at 11:59 PM EST!

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1 Comment

Dec 09, 2020

Thank you for a fun scavenger hunt!

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