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Here with Me

Home to Heritage | BOOK 2

Love ignites in a last-chance hardware store, but will their hearts, like the failing family business, require a rescue?

About the Book

She just wants a fresh start…

Inheriting her best friend’s daughter and a store on the brink of collapse, Sadie Hoover is determined to provide Lottie a stable life and keep the family business afloat. But her resolve is tested when the past walks in, wearing a tool belt and a smile that still weakens her knees.

Is he back to break her heart?

David Williams, once the love of Sadie’s life, returns to Heritage not as the missionary he was, but as a man in search of healing and purpose. Tasked with community service, he’s thrown into the daily grind of nuts and bolts, unaware that the hardware store’s troubles—and Sadie’s struggles—are more than just loose hinges and unpaid bills.

What will it cost her to fall for him again?

As they grapple with financial peril and the echoes of a love once lost, David and Sadie are forced to confront what they truly want. The store’s impending foreclosure looms over them, a testament to their joint past and the future they must shape.

If the store fails, they lose not just a legacy, but the second chance life has offered them. Can they rekindle their love while saving the heart of Heritage, or will their dreams rust away like forgotten tools?

Can love be rebuilt from the ruins of their shared history, or will the fight for survival drive the final wedge between them?

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Subtitle (3).jpg
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